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Here at Brightside Bodywork we offer a wealth of knowledge through over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. We know that your quality of life depends on how good you feel and there are many factors that impact your health and happiness.

Brightside Bodywork caters to athletes of every level looking to achieve more. We believe everybody is an athlete! So if you are looking to improve your body composition, prevent injuries, enjoy your sport or just feel better daily, we are here for YOU!

We are glad you found us! On this site and in the office you can expect to find information on nutrition, recovery, training, mindset, injury prevention and so much more! Sign up for our newsletter and connect with us on facebook to get the most current information on wellness as well as special sales!

A little about Hope from Hope:

Well, first and foremost, I am an Ironman! Seriously though, I think it is important for a health care practitioner to understand the demands of sport. I have been a trainer/coach and athlete for over 15 years and a Licensed Massage Therapist a decade plus. I can’t fully describe the way it feels to help someone lose over 100 pounds and regain their life, or cheer for a marathoner who hits a major PR injury free, or to ease the hurt after a car accident. I love what I do so very much. That is why I started Brightside Bodywork. Everyone deserves high quality care designed specifically for them.

Hope Mallette
License #ma52002

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