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Q & A – Optimum Massage Type and Timing When Training and Competing in Athletic Events

Q: I noticed you’re an Ironman. When is the best time to get a massage when training for & competing in athletic events such as running or triathlon? Should I always book a therapeutic massage or are there times when I should get a relaxation instead?


A: Hi Bruce, great questions! Regular massage is very beneficial to athletes who want to prevent injury and also improve performance. I suggest a maintenance style sports massage every two weeks while in training. Schedule a longer massage about 6 weeks out from your event to address muscular imbalances. That gives the athlete time to train the new range of motion once it is improved. Do not get a deep pressure massage 2-3 days before your event (Or before a key workout in training) Sports massage done correctly should not make you sore or impact your training in a negative way. A gentle flushing massage with light range of motion work should be done in the week leading up to the even and within the first 48 hours post event. This massage helps to improve circulation, decrease chance of injury and speed up recovery. (you should treat your key workouts the same as you would the event) I hope that helps! Please feel free to ask any other questions you have. Happy training!