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Massage Therapy Offers Effective Support for Clients with Lupus

We often think of massage as a relaxing form of self care or something we do to indulge ourselves. However, massage therapy is so much more than a soothing form of holistic care. In many cases, massage therapy is an ideal complement to standard medical care for serious, chronic health conditions. Massage can make a world of difference for someone living with a complex disease. In fact, a medically focused massage session is effective at providing therapeutic relief that can make a significant impact on a person living with lupus.

Massage Therapy Can Offer Physical Support

Massage therapy’s main goal is to improve blood blow throughout the body using various hands on techniques to stimulate the muscles and tendons. A person with lupus benefits from the increase in circulation brought on by massage therapy. Inflammation, joint pain, and chronic muscle pain are all reduced with massage.

The pain from lupus can be extreme and prevent someone from performing typical daily tasks. Massage therapy is effective at decreasing pain enough for some people, so they may move through their normal activities. Light myofascial techniques can help soften and release adhesions and tightness in muscles that are sore and irritable. Gentle compression techniques can help to flush the tissues and bring fresh blood to joints, muscles, and skin. Also, shiatsu or acupressure style techniques soften connective tissue, and help increase joint mobility. Overall, the stimulation of the muscles helps to move the blood throughout the body. When the fluids in the body are moved, there is less inflammation and therefore less swelling and pressure. With less swelling and pressure, the client feels less pain and has greater ease of movement.

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